Irina Janevska

Irina Janevska
Irina Janevska is Founder of ARNO (CSO for Social Innovation) and full-time employee as
External Communications Coordinator at the Center for Institutional Development-CIRa since 2011. In 2013 she founded ARNO inspired by the potential of the social entrepreneurship concept. At the moment she is developing and running projects that employ IT solutions to tackle youth unemployment and help the local communities. Irina holds BA in Communication Sciences and currently expects MA in Cultural Studies. She has special interest and enrolment in the field of social advertising, culture and communication trends. In 2012 she developed an original idea and produced docu-reallity TV Show that promotes intercultural values and cultural diversity (participants swap homes).The project was UNDP financed and aired as pilot TV show on the National Macedonian Television. Being a passionate civil activist since the age of 15, Irina is engaged in the civil society sector as Fundraiser and Trainer in the field of: media and art for social change, intercultural communication, youth advocacy and SRHR. As member and activist in different youth organizations and networks (Y-PEER, Youth Can, Global Shapers Community) she is devoted to working on projects and initiatives that induce social change. Her projects have been financed by international donors (UNFPA, MTV Staying Alive, UNDP, SDC, etc.) and recognized as greatly innovative and highly effective in tackling social issues.

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