For almost sixty years, the Aspen Seminar on leadership, values, and the good society has challenged leaders in every field to think more critically and deeply about the good society. Our proven method of text-based dialogue offers participants a neutral forum in which to reflect on timeless human values, pursue common ground, and cultivate a richer understanding of the human condition. Participants emerge from the Aspen Seminar personally renewed, professionally re-focused, and better prepared to lead as they confront the difficult choices of our ever-changing world.


Participants range from top corporate executives to leading entrepreneurs with significant impact in the business environment of Romania and its region; high ranked public leaders from justice, administration and central government; significant civil society actors and esteemed representatives from the academic sector from Europe, the United States, Japan or India. Aspen Seminar participants find themselves at an inflection point in their lives and careers, ready to take even higher leadership roles in their communities at local, regional or global level.

Over the years participants have included, among others: Florin Pogonaru, President of the Romanian Businessmen's Association; Alexandrina Gatej, CEO, Maldon and Wat; Teddy Dumitrescu, CEO, Publicis Romania; Misu Negritoiu, President, ING Bank Romania; Sorana Baciu, Managing Partner, Acgenio; Henk Paardekooper, RBS Romania President, Ştefan Dărăbuş, National Director, HHC Romania; Dana Deac, Director, TVR1 Department, Anca Georgescu, HR Executive Director, Romtelecom; Alexandru Lupea, Partner, Ernst & Young; Mihaela Mitroi and Ionut Simion, Partners with PwC; Speranţa Munteanu, Aura Giurcaneanu, Partners and Serban Toader, Senior Partner with KPMG Romania; Ştefania Popp, Executive Director, Junior Achievement; Septimiu Postelnicu, Executive Vice President, UnicreditTiriac Bank S.A.; Radu Soviani, Journalist; Cristian Lupşa, Editor, Decât o Revista; Daniele Moscato, Senior Vice President, UniCredit Group; Carl Rossey and Cristian Sporis, Raiffeisen Bank Vice Presidents as well as CRO Mircea Busuioceanu and CFO Bogdan Popa, Tincuta Apateanu, Edusfera, Ioana Avadani, Executive Director at Center For Independent Journalism; Leslie Hawke, Co-founder, Ovidiu Rom Association; Christian Mititelu, Member, National Audiovisual Council of Romania; Gabriel Petrescu, Executive Director, Soros Foundation Romania; Bogdan Staicu, Executive Director, Mobexpert Holding; Codru Vrabie, EPAS Association President.

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