European Economic Governance – a View from Romania

The Aspen Institute Romania has initiated a series of debates on the subject of European Economic Governance, having as a starting point the 2010 Annual Economic Conference.  This is the ultimate backbone of all 2011 AIR public and policy oriented economic work, given the increasing necessity to coordinate national fiscal and economic policies at E.U. level. Our effort is part of an extensive involvement of other European Aspen Institutes in our Network of International Partners, to both increase the domestic visibility of this debate and bring a relevant contribution to its content.

In order to bring additional focus and policy clarity, Aspen Institute Romania and its Permanent Economic Committee recently established a European Economic Governance Task Force, under the coordination of prof. Daniel Daianu. Its main goal is to address the problems Romania will face in the near future, as it will it be pressured to embrace increasingly uniform  European fiscal policies and converge to gradually stricter E.U. standards with regards its internal market but also importantly its monetary, fiscal and budgetary policy. In order to increase the substance of the national debate on this particular issue, the task force delivered a policy proposal and explicit recommendations.

We expect to present the further results during the joint meeting of the Romanian and Italian governments on May 12th, in an Aspen Romania - Aspen Italia roundtable.
The Economic Task Force policy proposal, which was discussed with representatives of national and international financial institutions present in Romania, of large companies and businessmen associations, but also representatives of the Competition Council and of the Romanian National Bank. 

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