Energy Committee Meeting. August 2009

As a follow up of the Aspen Round Table "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources of Energy" on 7th July, there was a clear necessity of a coherent and consistent plan that would ensure continuity in the energy field. Any such progress begins from analyzing the performances and functionality of the legislative framework and strategic perspectives, at least of the medium term. Therefore, the Workgroup on Energy Efficiency of the Aspen Institute Romania is going to work on a draft Action Plan that would include concrete policy recommendations and the analysis of the 28/2009 Directive of the EU Commission regarding energy efficiency, for the Romanian legislation in the field and especially the 220 Law.
Conclusions of the first meeting were that it is of high importance to have a better coordination and consistency of public programs and policies. Some participants argued also for a more focused approach towards energy efficiency than on renewable sources. There is a clear need for a coherent communication to the final user, that could understand it can benefit directly on the basis of energy consumption. The biggest problem identified at this point is a transparent and predictable mechanism that would ensure the necessary stability for investors in this sector.
Among the participants:
Tudor Constantinescu, Energy Policy Analyst
Cristian Pirvulescu, Department Manager Business Development and International Cooperation, Romelectro SA
Jean Valvis, Valvis Consulting
Silvia Vlasceanu, Association of Companies for Energy Utilities (ACUE)

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