Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects

Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects took place on 31 March in Bucharest. You may find photos of the event on our Flickr account.

Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects is part of the series of events organized by the Aspen Institute Romania, as the Institute celebrates 10 years of activity. The initiative supports the implementation of a long-term vision for Romania’s development and the elaboration of sustainable and innovative public policies. The event targets major projects capitalizing on the country’s geographical position and its presence on the main trade, transport and energy corridors in the region and in Europe, as well as urban and metropolitan development.

Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects supports Romania’s long-term economic and territorial development strategy, focusing on the elaboration and implementation of concrete projects and measures supporting the capacity of urban areas to generate growth and competitiveness through the intelligent use of human capital and innovative financial instruments. Bucharest Forum / Keystone Projects integrates the urban and territorial management, energy and transport interconnection systems and creative industries dimensions as well as health policy, in order to strike a balance between economic development, demographic, urban planning, financing and cultural policies. 


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