Bucharest Forum / Healthcare

Bucharest Forum / Healthcare 5th Edition
A Healing Revolution: Patient and Community Centred Medicine
      29 September 2016
Amphitheatre Hall, Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee
Working Agenda

08: 30 – 09: 30        Registration. Welcome coffee
09: 30 – 09: 40        Welcome address                               
Andrei Țărnea, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Romania
09: 40 – 09: 55        Keynote speech
Marius Ionuț Ungureanu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Health  
09: 55 – 10: 10        Opening remarks
Diana Loreta Păun, State Counselor, Public Health department, Romanian Presidential Administration
10: 10 – 11: 30      The 21st century Medicine: the Role of Technology evolution and R&D towards innovative personalized healthcare solutions
Scientific advancements outline a path towards ‘personalized medicine, a targeted approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease based on an individual’s specific genetic profile. In fact, in recent years therapeutic alternatives based on the study of genetic profiles have been developed, but use of genetic data to inform medical decisions is still lagging behind.
Moderator:               Andrei Țărnea, Executive Director, AIR
  • Raul Pătrașcu, State Counselor for Health, Romanian Government
  • Dr. François Regis Martelet, Group CEO NetScientific plc, London
  • Prof. Dan Ion Gaiță, Former Research Vice-Rector, UMF University “Victor Babeş”, Timișoara, President of CardioPrevent Foundation
11: 30 – 11: 45        Coffee break
11: 45 – 13: 15        21st Century Approach to Medical Care and Stakeholders’ Engagement

The panel explores critical questions and possible methodologies for evidence-based policy making. Bridging health economics, ethics, governance issues and stakeholder engagement requires a new set of policy responses. The growing availability of highly effective treatments for infections is limited by the cost of new agents. One dimension of the discussion is related to the selection of treatment regimens. In the case of patients with infections, this should take into consideration efficacy, duration and adverse effects, the profile of the regimen, potential drug interactions, prior patient history and the stage of the illness. For individual patients, the financial component represents an important dimension to be considered.
Moderator:               Andrei Țărnea, Executive Director, AIR
  • Diana Loreta Păun, State Counselor, Public Health department, Romanian Presidential Administration
  • Gheorghe Radu Țibichi, President of the National Health Insurance House, Romania
  • Andrew Stainthorpe, BSc Dip, PhD, Lead Market Access Consultant, Research Health
  • Cristian Bușoi, Member of the European Parliament
  • Prof. Adrian Streinu – Cercel, PhD, General Manager, Infectious Diseases Institute “Prof. Dr. Matei Balş”
  • Adrian Gheorghe, Health Consultant, Oxford Policy Management
13: 15 – 14: 15        Lunch
14: 15 – 15: 30        Roundtable discussion
Healthcare Sector: Sustainability and Systemic Efficiency in the Pharma Sector via HTA and Managed - Entry Arrangements
In Romania and the rest of Europe, healthcare budgets, both public and private, are coming under increasing pressure due to demographical patterns and financial difficulties, while the medical needs are growing and diversifying. This raises the problem of reforming the financing of the healthcare sector in order to make it more sustainable and able to meet the challenges of an ageing population. The goal is to achieve low costs and full consumer choice of providers and quality of care, for instance by means of combining universal medical savings accounts with supplementary programs to protect vulnerable patient categories.

Moderator:              Vlad Mixich, MD, Health Policy Expert
  • Anca Dragu, Minister of Public Finance
  • Catarina Lopes Pereira, Health Economics Advisor, Medicines for Europe
  • Jaime Espín, Professor, Andalusian School of Public Health
  • Roberto Musneci, Managing Partner, Serban and Musneci Associates, Vice - President of Aspen Institute Romania
  • Katarzyna Kolasa, PhD, Senior Project Sales Director, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, GE Healthcare Eastern Europe, Warsaw
  • Edith Frénoy, Director Market Access/ HTA, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
  • Márk Péter Molnár, MD, MSc, PhD Candidate, Research Leader, Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute of Management, Budapest Partner, Ideas & Solutions
15: 30 – 15: 45        Coffee break
15: 45 – 16: 45        The Nexus of Quality of Life, Social Resilience and Health – Related Technologies
The panel explores the relationship between sports, performance and quality of life. A society’s adaptive and transformative capacities are key to its long-term wellbeing and particularly to the quality of life of its people, whether measured in access to public health and utilities services, infrastructure or transportation. Innovative ways to build social resilience, either at the level of local communities or in large urban centers require a mix of policy design instruments and cross-sector information campaigns and research. One dimension of these platforms relates to internet-based analytics platforms designed to reveal health risk factors worldwide. Quantifying health – related devices and technologies are transforming management processes of symptoms and stress tests, helping identify and tackle diseases’causes and assisting medical staff with follow-on health procedures.
Moderator:               Daniel Sandu, Sociologist, Development Specialist
Keynote speech
  • Gabriela Szabo, Member of the Executive Board, Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee
  • Mihaela Vrabete, Secretary of State, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
  • Ciprian Cătălin Necula, Secretary of State, Ministry of European Funds
  • Irina Alexandru, Program Manager, Vector Watch
  • Gjorgji Nedelkoski, PhD, Physical Therapist & Owner, Kineto Medical Health
  • Codrin Huszar, Orthopedy and Trauma Primary Physician

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