Bucharest Forum 2012

Bucharest Forum was launched in November2012 at the Parliament Palace and it gatheredover 400 guests, foreign investors, representativesof the Romanian business sector, large corporations,small and medium-sized enterprises and high-ranking officials.The Forum brought an important contribution to thedebates on economic public policy formulation inRomania and the region. At the same time, it aimedat rebuilding and strengthening the trust of domesticand foreign, private and institutional partners, inthe context of the latest political events and of ashattered political climate.The forum's topic was “Europe's Frontier Economies:Equity for a Long Term Growth and StabilityStrategy for the Region” and it created arelevant reflection opportunity and influential platformfor regional economic agendas and ideas.The forum overall serves as a blueprint for the expectationsand needs for a functional return to sustainablegrowth. The end product is a Pact for theEconomy, which represents a consensus betweenthe representatives of the economic and politicalenvironments, on several jointly identified prioritytopics. The document comprises concrete proposalsand an Action Plan proposed by the private sectorto the Romanian government and designed to acceleratethe growth and development of the Romanianeconomy. This landmark economic event and itsoutcomes would not have been possible without thesupport of three very important voices of the Romanianeconomy: the Romanian Businessmen's Association,the Foreign Investors Council and theAmerican Chamber of Commerce in Romania.

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